Academic Eligibility Letter
Academic Eligibility Letter 6-17-10.doc

West Babylon Junior High School
200 Old Farmingdale Rd
West Babylon, NY 11704
(631) 376-7200

Anthony Cacciola

                             Scott Payne
                             Nicole Marcik-McCloskey
                             Assistant Principal


                                                                                                                           Summer 2010


Dear Parent/Guardian:

In September, we will implement an eligibility policy for extra-curricular activities (i.e. clubs, intramurals) and athletic teams.  We know the importance of extra-curricular activities, but the primary purpose of the school is academic achievement to ensure future success. Below is a summary of the regulations so that you and your child can discuss them and be aware of the impact both academics and effort have on participation.  As always, your assistance and support will help to make this a smooth process. Our goal with this policy is to raise the academic and social standards of our school.

Ø      For the purposes of this policy, the school year is divided into eight academic periods, coinciding with progress reports and report cards.

Ø      A student is considered on probation when he/she fails two or more subjects or receives two or more “in danger of failing” comments on a progress report; however, students are still allowed to participate in activities.

Ø      A student who is placed on the probation list can still participate but should attend tutorials in the failing subjects to improve his/her academic subjects.  After five weeks, the student is re-evaluated via progress report/report card to determine eligibility.

Ø      If improvement (i.e. no longer failing or in danger of failing) is shown at the re-evaluation, the student is no longer considered to be “on probation” and is allowed to participate without restriction.

Ø      If, after the five week re-evaluation, the student is still failing two or more subjects, or is in danger of failing two or more subjects, he/she is now ineligible to participate in activities for the next five week period (until the next progress report/report card) when another evaluation will take place.

Ø      As usual, attendance throughout the school day is expected.

Extra help and/or the academic center are available after school. The success of this policy will be through cooperation between the school and home. This letter is being sent at this time, so that you can review this information with your child.