National Junior Honor Society
Advisor:  Mrs. Limperatos (

Information:  National Junior Honor Society is designed to recognize those students who excel in the areas of citizenship, scholarship, leadership, service, and character.  In order to be eligible for membership in NJHS, students must have an overall average of a 90% or above for the five quarters prior to the Induction.  The Induction occurs every March, and both 7th and 8th grade students are eligble for induction.  An eligibility list is posted after the end of the 2nd quarter of each school year, and all eligible students must attend a meeting to continue their candidacy.  Students then receive a questionnaire to complete, outlining their service to the school and community.  Students who do not submit the questionnaire by the due date are no longer eligible for induction.  The entire JHS faculty rates the eligible students in the areas of citizenship, leadership, service, and character.  The faculty council, comprised of five JHS teachers plus the advisor, then meets to discuss all eligible students. 

Once inducted, students are expected to complete at least 10 hours of community service, attend meetings, and maintain a cumulative average of 85.  Students who do no maintain the required average are put on a one time only, ten week probationary period to raise their average to the established criteria.

Officers for 2013-2014:
:  Michelle Darby
Vice President:  Julia Gabrell
Secretary:  Savanna Bredekamp
Treasurer:  Lauren Prendergast
Parliamentarian:  Linda Zimmerer

1.  A reminder that all members of NJHS are REQUIRED to complete at least 10 hours of community service.  Those students who served as tour guides for the walk through for incoming 6th graders have already earned three hours.
2.  If you have an idea for a service project (toy drive, clothing drive, collection of some kind, clean ups, etc.), please see me!
3.  bring in non-perishable food for our school-wide food drive to help the Babylon Food Pantry
4.  Peer tutors are needed!  If you an interested in being a peer tutor, please see Mrs. Limperatos in Rm. 103.
5.  Volunteers needed for Parent-Teacher Conference Day.  See Mrs. Limperatos in Rm. 103 for details.
6.  The list of students eligible for induction into NJHS will be posted on Monday, February 24.  This list will be posted in Café A, Café B, and outside Rm. 103.  If your name is on this list, you MUST attend a mandatory meeting on Wednesday, February 26th.  If you cannot attend or if you have any questions, you MUST see Mrs. Limperatos in Rm. 103 prior to the meeting.  If you do not attend this meeting, you will no longer be eligible for induction.
7.  NJHS eligibility packets are due Tuesday, March 4. Packets should be submitted to Mrs. Limperatos in Room 103. Unless a student is absent all day on Tuesday, packets will NOT be accepted late.
8.  The list of students who have been accepted into NJHS will be posted on Thursday, March 13, in Cafeteria A, Cafeteria B, and outside Rm. 103.  See Mrs. Limperatos in Rm. 103 with any questions.

Meeting Dates, Times, Locations:  (additional meetings to be scheduled and posted as needed)
1. August 29, 2013:  8:45-12:15 at JHS:  Students serving as tour guides for 6th grade walk through for incoming 6th graders 
2.  September 26, 2013:  Eagle Hall, 2:20-3:05--all current NJHS members
3.  November 2013:  brief meeting with students volunteering at Parent/Teacher Conference Day (students involved will be notified of location and time)
4.  February 26, 2014:  Eagle Hall, 2:20-3:05--eligibilty meeting (MANDATORY for eligible students who choose to apply for membership in NJHS)
5.  March 25, 2014:  Eagle Hall, 2:20-3:05--rehearsal for new NJHS Inductees
6.  March 27, 2014:  NJHS Induction at 1:20 in Eagle Hall
7.  June 2014:  meeting with NJHS members who will be tour guides for 6th grade walk through
7.  meetings quarterly with students who are not maintaining the required academic average