Mrs. Jennifer Tomeo




Welcome to my site!
Creativity and imagination are key in my classes.
I teach grades 6-8, as well as the advanced
Studio in Art class for accelerated 8th graders.

I strive to inspire my students to not only be outstanding artists, but to also become active and engaged learners.

My classes are graded on the following criteria:

*25% Participation*
*50% Project based*
(Students are actively involved in this process. They not only create, but also reflect and grade themselves with rubrics specific to the content for each project. Students are expected to internalize what they have created and why through graded parts of the rubric. These areas relate to the preparation, technical skill, creative skill, and class effort for the work they have done. They also are expected to incorporate writing and reflect through written word about their thought process behind creating their works. I evaluate their work based on the rubric as well, and average the two scores together to produce their project grades)
*25% Class Final*