Mrs. Lewis
"Paintings are windows to the imagination"

Hello!  My name is Mrs. Lewis.  Welcome to my page!

As an Art Teacher, I teach my students to observe the world around them and transform it through art.  In teaching valuable art concepts, new vocabulary, art history, and more, I do not simply tell my students the "answers"...I guide them as they discover answers for themselves.

Art in itself is a wonderful thing.  It acts as a means of communication through time, languages, cultures and ideas that are hard to explain with words.  The process of art-making is a natural source of learning.  Art stimulates the imagination, develops cognitive and creative skills, and builds self-confidence through the articulation of a vision. 

My students discover their artistic talents, explore the depths of their creativity and improve their skills.  In my class...everyone is an artist!

About Me:
I am one of the Art Teachers at West Babylon Junior High School.  I graduated with my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and received my Masters in Art Education from New York University.  I am a practicing artist with a specialty in realism.  My preferred mediums are clay sculpture, oil and acrylic painting, and pencil drawing.

I am so excited to be a part of the West Babylon school community!  Please feel free to contact me at