Ms. Eileen Moran

Ms. Moran's Classroom Guide

You are a member of a team. As a member, you must be aware of the thoughts and feelings of those around you. Each person must be treated with respect. Every member will have a chance to be heard. Each member is responsible for his or her learning. You must complete class work, homework, follow directions, and participate in class to reach your full potential. You are expected to come to class prepared, motivated, and ready to  learn.

Class Materials

Please bring a binder with loose leaf, blue or black pens, and a pencil to class each day. Please have your Keep Forever book in your locker, as we will use this book periodically.

Grading Policy

Tests/Essays/Quizzes/ Independent Reading= 60%


Class Participation=15%

Late Assignment Policy

Essays and projects will be accepted late, with ten points off per day. If there is  a problem with an assignment, please arrange to come to a tutorial before the due date for help.  

Homework Policy 

Homework is checked daily. It should be handed in or presented at the beginning of class. Homework will not be accepted late, as we go over it in class. If there is a problem with an assignment, please see me before the assignment is due. If you do not complete homework, a note will be written in the organizer after the second missing assignment.


You are responsible for making up any work missed due to absences. When returning to school, please ask for the work. I encourage you to exchange e-mail or phone numbers with another team member, so you can be informed of the work you missed.  

Independent Reading

You are responsible for choosing a book from a specific genre each month. You must choose a book, have it approved, and complete an assignment. On the first Friday of each month. you should be prepared to bring your chosen book to class. The assignment will be handed out the day the book is checked. The assignment is due the first Friday of the following month.
Remember: Independent reading counts as a test grade!