Mr. William Doran, K-8 Art & Music Chairperson


Every individual experiences art forms in one way or another.  Whether it is in New York City or the outback of Australia, people and cultures worldwide engage in many art forms which they incorporate into their lifestyles.

Of all the subject areas, the arts has the greatest impact on a child's cognitive development.  My research reveals that one of the best arguments for promoting the arts as a means of student achievement is the value of the arts towards the individual and the community as a whole.  Everyone will agree that the arts help to develop the whole person.  They serve as a connection with the past, increase imagination and intuition, and enhance communication skills.  These intrinsic effects yield a specific degree of pleasure and emotional stimulation that is difficult to measure through traditional empirical research methods.

Although an individual may experience a high degree of personal satisfaction from participating in the arts, the public also benefits from the many social bonds that are created, as well as the sense of culture that the arts bring to communities.  C
hildren and adolescents respond favorably to the arts and the continuing importance of art and music to children is evident throughout their development. 

The goal of the K-8 art and music program is to nurture this development in all students.   The study of art music by a youngster provides opportunities to use highly creative thought processes.  Our talented group of teachers have the skills needed to help students unleash their own artistic talents, which will help them become better students and have more appreciation for their role in school.  Participation in an arts related program fosters discipline, teamwork, self-esteem, listening skills, and critical thinking skills.  Recent studies suggest that the study of art and music can provide a wealth of benefits to children in all academic areas.  One of the most recognized compilations of arts studies is Richard Deasy's publication, Critical Links: Learning in the Arts and Student Academic and Social Development. 

I invite you to attend any of our district’s visual and performing arts events, so that you can enjoy and appreciate the outstanding work created by our talented students and their teachers.  Showing support for the programs that are most valuable to you and your children will enable us to continue to provide these programs as a part of a well rounded education for all students.

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